A new version of our website will be introduced soon (planned for early October 2018).

Why change ?
Our site is what's known as a Google site, and Google are changing their way of creating and maintaining websites ~ we need to change if we are not to find the current site removed from under our feet!

What won't change ?
The website address (u3afarnborough.org.uk) will stay the same, as will the content.

What will change ?
The look of the site will change, as will the organisation of some of the pages. If you use a Tablets or Smart Phones you will notice that the new site will scale automatically to suite the screen size of your device.

What will happen & when?
When the new site goes live you will be automatically redirected to it when you browse to  www.u3afarnborough.org.uk

The "Under Construction " banner (see below) will be removed.

The change is planned for early October. Neither version of the website will be available for a couple of hours while the change takes effect.

An example of how the new site will look is shown below.......

You can browse the new website now by clicking here, but remember that until the new site goes live the information may not be as current as that in this, the current version.