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 BOOTLEG:  War in Salford (17/4/2007)

Tour: War 

Canciones 1-7: Salford, 03/10/1981

Canciones 8-10: Kansas City 25/2/82


1.11 O'clock Tick Tock
2.I Will Follow
3.An Cat Dubh
4.Into The Heart
5.With A Shout
7.Out Of Control
8.Another Time, Another Place
9.I Threw A Brick Through A Window
10.A Day Without Me

BOOTLEG: Los Angeles (1/4/2007)

Tour: Vertigo Tour

Fecha: 2005-04-06

Pais: Los Angeles, California, E.E.U.U  (Staples Center)


1. City Of Blinding Lights, 2. Vertigo / Stories For Boys, 3. Elevation, 4. The Cry, 5. The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns / I Can See For Miles, 6. The Ocean, 7. New Year's Day, 8. Beautiful Day / Under The Bridge, 9. Miracle Drug, 10. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, 11. Love And Peace Or Else, 12. Sunday Bloody Sunday, 13. Bullet The Blue Sky / When Johnny Comes Marching Home / The Hands That Built America, 14. Running To Stand Still, 15. Zoo Station, 16. The Fly, 17. Mysterious Ways, 18. Pride (In The Name Of Love), 19. Where The Streets Have No Name
20. One / Unchained Melody, 21. All Because Of You
22. Yahweh, 23. "40"

BOOTLEG: Bandera Blanca (16/2/2007)

Tour: Joshua Tree Tour

Fecha: 1987-07-15

Pais: Madrid, España (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu)


1.Where The Streets Have No Name, 2.I Will Follow, 3.I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, 4.MLK, 5.The Unforgettable Fire, 6.Bullet The Blue Sky, 7.Running To Stand Still, 8.Sunday Bloody Sunday, 9.Exit, 10.In God's Country, 11.The Electric Co., 12.Help, 13. Bad, 14.October, 15.New Year's Day, 16.Pride (In The Name Of Love), 17.Part, 18. Girl, 19.Spanish Eyes, 20.With Or Without You / Love Will Tear Us Apart, 20.40

BOOTLEG: The Joshua Tree on fire (1/2/2007)

Tour :Joshua Tree Tour Leg 1 - North America. 

Fecha: 1987-04-25

Pais: USA, San Francisco (Cow Palace)


1. Where The Streets Have No Name. 2. I Will Follow. 3. Trip Through Your Wires. 4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. 5. M L K. 6. The Unforgettable Fire. 7. Bullet The Blue Sky. 8. Running To Stand Still. 9. Exit (includes Gloria). 10. In God's Country. 11. Sunday Bloody Sunday. 12. The Electric Co. (includes Light My Fire). 13. Bad. 14. October. 15. Spring Hill Mining Disaster. 16.New Year's Day. 17. Pride (in The Name Of Love). 18.Mothers Of The Disappeared. 19.With Or Without You. 20.''40''. 21. With Or Without You. 22.The Electric Co. 23.Mothers Of The Disappeared. 24.Unreleased Song. 25. Mothers Of The Disappeared. 26.Unreleased Song. 27. One Tree Hill

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