School Camp 2009



The Tzu Chi Academy Australia is entering its 11th year, each year it holds a Children Cultivation Camp with various themes, with the purpose to boost the children’s potential in listening, speaking and writing Chinese.


今年主題德目是因應全球經濟衰退提倡「清平致福」---- 知足快樂、簡單樸素的勤儉理念。又因溫室效應導致全球暖化,大家應有愛惜地球、知福、惜福、再造福的環保概念。

In response to the global financial crisis, this year’s theme is “Simple Lifestyle” – being contented, happy, simple and diligent. Since the global warming has caused climate change, the activities are also focusing on promoting environmental conservation.



There are various recreational and educational activities, such as spelling game of Jing Si Aphorisms, creative craft work, drawing, resources recycling, enabling the students to learn from the curriculum.



Aged between 5 to 12


每人 $20元, 含素食午餐

$20 per participant, vegetarian lunch included


慈濟澳洲分會 Tzu Chi Foundation Australia

20-22 Glen St., Eastwood, NSW 2122

時間 Date and Time

09:00 AM to 04:00 PM on Sunday, 26 July

攜帶物品 What to bring

請穿著厚襪子。Please wear winter woollen socks.

請自備環保杯、碗、筷。Please bring your own meal set and cup.



To register, please fill in application form and return to The Tzu Chi Academy Australia by one of the following means

地址Postal Address:

The Tzu Chi Academy Australia

20-22 Glen St., Eastwood, NSW 2122

電話 Contact Number

(02) 9874 7666


(02) 9874 7611

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