Vexed Optimal Solutions

A PostScript file displaying solutions for various vexed levels 

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From time to time, I will supply fresher versions of the file (82KiB).

I have a generic puzzle solver class (which should also be in my Python page), and an example puzzle class is Vexed (long live my Psion 5mx :) Now and then, I decide to spare some machine cycles in order to calculate a level—actually, most of the trouble is adding the level in the text file containing the level descriptions.

The PostScript file is created by another python script. Actually, most of the work is done in PostScript (I dedicated a night of my life to learn enough about PS in order to do this project), and the python script basically reads a template, and converts the text output of the solver script into calls to PS procedures.

I include the .ps file because the produced .pdf is much, much larger (currently >2 MiB from the source .ps). I think that this happens for two reasons:

  • I didn't follow the guidelines about clean separation of the pages (the pagination is done algorithmically)
  • I haven't used PS forms, but just various "user paths". I will try to use forms first, because I dislike not using a page description language to manage its own pagination.