Welcome to Tziblakis - Local Products of Naxos
since 1945

Tziblakis' shop is situated on Papavasiliou Street, the main commercial road in the town of Naxos. Ioannis A. Tziblakis opened the store in 1945. His son Antonis continued the family tradition and along with his own son Kiriakos still runs the business. 

The shop offers mainly local products such as a large variety of  cheeses produced by the local shepherds,  olives, extra virgin olive oil from the family olive groves, thymian honey, herbs and spices, local wines, raki, citron liquer, traditional "spoon" sweets, jams &  marmelades, capers, beans, nuts, homemade ointments & soaps as well as hand-made baskets and ceramics and many more handicrafts.

 Kiriakos Tziblakis, Papavasiliou st., Chora, Naxos, 84300 Greece

tel. 2285022230, 2285022096  e-mail: tziblakis@gmail.com