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5th July, 2016
  • New pictures of Tyyster Pelti Matte guitars will be added to the top of the Pictures section soon. Check them out!

1st June, 2016

31st March, 2016
  • New pictures of Tyyster Pelti Matte guitars have been added to the top of the Pictures section. Check them out!

23rd March, 2016
  • Due the problems we have experienced with the order form, all users who have not been replied by Ville Tyyster are kindly requested resubmit their orders via!

18th March, 2016

6th March, 2016
  • Front picture updates
  • Stock status updated

6th November, 2015
  • Picture of the Holy Grail event added to News Events section.

16th October, 2015
  • The new sound clips are available for you to listen and download in the Sound Clips section.

7th October, 2015
  • There will be a blazing new set of Tyyster Pelti sounds available soon.
  • Pictures of the latest 6-string guitar, 'the Black', will also be published.

29th September, 2015

25th September, 2015
  • Tyyster Pelti Press Release will be made downloadable soon.
  • Reviews section updated

6th July, 2015

24th May, 2015

30th April, 2015

13th April, 2015

11th April, 2015
  • Be sure to check how Tyyster guitars look in action! Watch the Honey B & T-bones in studio M1 episode released on 26th April by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

7th March, 2015
  • Checkout this article (in Finnish) published by the Finnish Soundi magazine. It shows a Tyyster guitar in action!

20th January, 2015
  • A new Reviews section added
  • Cover page updated

19th December, 2014
  • Some pictures of the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2014 added to the Events section.

10th October, 2014

8th October, 2014
  • Tyyster Guitars proudly presents its first promotional video in HD! Check it out in the new Videos section.
  • The Finnish Riffi magazine issue 5/2014 has a review on Tyyster guitars starting from page 42. Check out the contents here.
  • The Holy Grail Guitar Show to be held next weekend in Berlin will also have Tyyster Guitars on the set. Check out Tyyster Guitars public profile for the show.

27th October, 2014
  • Be sure to check out the new manufacturing section for an intriguing walk-through on how the Tyyster guitars get built.