We intend to rebuild a Tytherton village Hall, would you support it?

Comments were on the whole strongly positive rather than a simple 'yes', such as 'of course', 'absolutely', 'definitely', 'no brainer', 'need a center', 'we use it'.
There were those who said they would miss the old hall, and those who felt a new hall was well over due.
Numbers below don't include committee member's households (10 households all very positive!)

East Tytherton:
21 households contacted, 17 positive responses, 2 think about it, 1 no comment, 1 doubtful.

Tytherton Lucas:
15 households contacted, 13 positive responses, 1 no/only light support, 1 think about it.

Wick Hill:
8 households contacted, 8 positive responses.

8 households contacted, 7 positive responses, 1 no comment.

2 households contacted, 2 positive responses.

Additional comments included:
What about the school?
Where are you thinking?
Tytherton Lucas won’t always have Bosmere Barn.
Offers of time/skill/financially help.