Present:               Nic Pillow (NP) 

Mary Anne Bailey (MAB)               

Chris Laurence (CJL)                       

Sheila Laurence (SAL)


Apologies:           John Hayter (JH)

                                Rebecca Matthews (RM)

Kim Stuckey (KS)




1.                   Notes of last Meeting:  Notes of the meeting of 3 Dec were agreed.


2.                   Matters Arising: NP had resolved minor issues with names on the transfer of the lease and it had been signed by two Trustees and the Baileys.  CJL would contact the solicitor to complete the transfer.




3.                   Site:

a.       NP had spoken again to Christine Crisp.  The planners had been busy on other matters and unable to provide a view.  She would chase them.

b.      NP had spent a lot of time talking to neighbours of the proposed site.  Most were in favour with some reservations regarding noise, and screening relative to their views of surrounding countryside.  One would like to consider vehicular access through the site.  Two were implacably opposed.  Alternative sites were discussed but issues such as access and waterlogging meant that the original suggestion was still preferred.  The position of the site in the centre of the village was considered a major benefit.

c.       It was agreed that the next step was to contact architects to get concept drawings relative to the proposed site.  These would be required for the April Ball and the AGM.  NP and MAB would contact architects they knew.

d.      It had been clear from NP’s discussions that we need better community engagement.  It was agreed it should be an ongoing priority issue.

















4.                   Business Plan:  NP and JH had met and estimated building and running costs over ten years.  The potential to raise sufficient funds appeared feasible but there were cash flow issues in the early stages.  A major fund-raising effort would be required once concept drawings were available and the site had been agreed with the Baker Trust.  NP would discuss proposed schemes with KS.





5.                   Events: 

a.       April Ball:  SAL said that everything was booked.  She would ask RM if she would organise the raffle.  CJL would produce invitation letters.  NP would allocate houses in the catchment area to each committee member and it was agreed that they would make personal contact to encourage attendance.  Unfortunately it appeared that the ‘save the date’ e-mail that SAL had asked to be sent had not gone out so more effort was required to gain attendance.

b.      21 June:  The Barn Dance would be held in the marquee on the village green so that power, toilets and the bar in the village hall were readily accessible.  Some additional security would be required for the road such as additional lights or a marshal.  It would start at 19.00.  A good ploughman’s with a variety of cheeses would be provided.  Ticket prices: adult £15; child 5-16 £10; child <5 free; no food option £10.  NP would speak to Jessica Bateman to insert an advert in the newsletter.

c.       It was noted that the main committee would be responsible for the afternoon community fun event.

d.      22 June lunch:  The negative reaction of the main committee to this was noted.  It was agreed to ask the Friends of St Martins if they would like to run it on a profit share basis with us providing the bar, toilets etc.  NP would contact them.






















6.                   Communications:  It had been noted that local engagement was insufficient.  It was agreed that a full briefing would be held at the next main committee meeting on 25 April and at the AGM on 1st May.  Continuing effort would be required to provide regular updates.  It was agreed that our minutes should be published on the website to encourage transparency.  NP would contact Bob Lytton.






7.                   Any Other Business:  NP noted that Community First now charged for some services under the banner EnAct.


8.                   Date of next meeting:  28 Feb at 20.00 at NP’s.  It was intended to meet approximately fortnightly at the village hall on Fridays after that to improve momentum.