East Tytherton Village Hall

Minutes of 2013-2014 Annual General Meeting

Held on 1 May 2014


Committee Members Present : Mary Anne Bailey (Chair), John Hayter (Treasurer), Denise Cawley (Secretary), Bob Lytton, Debbie Lytton, Lesley Rose,  Nic Pillow, Chris Laurence, Sheila Laurence, Agnieska Lewinska, William Bailey, Rachel Bailey

Guests: Christine Crisp Local Councillor

Apologies: Malcolm MacDonald, Jessica Pillow, Michael Holtham, Elizabeth Just, Jonathan Ball and Pauline Drake

1.       Minutes read  from previous AGM 2013 and approved as an accurate record

2.       Chairperson’s report read – thanks expressed to officers and committee members. Report agreed and seconded. Explained the Chair, the Treasurer and the Secretary wished to step down.  Volunteers invited from the floor. None forthcoming.  Proposal put forward to elect - John Hayter as Chair, Chris Laurence as Treasurer and Denise Cawley to continue as Secretary for one more year but would step down in 2015.  Proposal agreed

3.       Secretary’s report read -  agreed and seconded

4.       Treasurer’s report read  -

a.       Financial loss of just over £300 since became a CIO – due to cost of moving the lease of the building from the retiring trustees of the village hall to the CIO

b.      Accounts to be audited and signed off in next few months

5.       Trustees – Chris Laurence explained election process for new Trustees and agreed that to avoid an ‘experience void’ three Trustees would step down each year.  Mary Anne Bailey, Jonathan Ball and Denise Cawley all to step down this year.  Invitation to the floor for new Trustees – none forthcoming.  Sheila Laurence proposed the 3 current Trustees were re-elected; seconded and agreed.

6.       CIO update - applied for in October 2013; approval granted within a few days. New Trustees confirmed in December 2013. Assets ( apart from the Village Hall lease) transferred to CIO in December 2013.  Lease transferred to CIO and completed in February 2014

7.       100 Club/Village Hall Membership – Sheila Laurence (Membership Secretary) reported there were 76 members plus 7 WI and 15 Tytherton Tigers

a.       Village hall Membership runs ‘til 31 March 2015. Sheila proposed an increase in membership fees from £3.50 to £5.00 as from 1st April 2015.  Vote taken 20 in favour and 1 abstention- so proposal carried

b.      100 Club – Sheila reported 87 members.

8.       Location of new Village Hall update presented by Nic Pillow

a.       April 2013 received written confirmation from the Baker Trust that they are prepared to discuss terms with the Village Hall CIO regarding the positioning of the new Hall in a field between The Forge and the houses facing the village green.   Still to agree  terms, however all looking favourable

b.      Earlier in the year canvassed opinions from neighbours of the site – the  main feedback was make sure the Hall is for the local community not ‘like Seagry’ Hall which is advertised outside the village as a wedding venue

c.       No alternative sites were offered by the Baker Trust or other landowners

d.      Questions from the floor main regarding the need to consider alternative sites from the neighbours and concerns raised about parking and access to proposed site. (full list of questions below)

9.       Christine Crisp clarified that the only planning concerns were those expressed by archaeology and environment departments related to Maud Heath’s Causeway; it must remain intact and a survey would be required to identify local wildlife i.e. endangered species

10.   Christine Crisp emphasised that  once draft planning application completed a general planning consultation will be required to allow the public to express their views

11.   Next steps - to confirm the detailed terms  with the Baker Trust by Oct 2014 – in particular reassure them we can raise the money and agree boundary of plot

12.   Design concepts for new Village Hall - Nic outlined conversations with 3 architects which resulted in the design of 3 concept plans – (displayed at the back of the Hall):

a.    Manifest Architects - Straw bales and oak framed interior building

b.    William Drury – traditional Village hall

c.     Hph Architects (Neil Pollard)       Steel framed modular building

13.   Questions from the floor typically around size, economy, costs and whether the land would be owned or leased (full list of questions below)

14.    Fundraising - the opportunity to obtain grants etc all much tighter now. 4 options presented

a.       Grants

b.      Operating profit

c.       Village donations – expected to be the largest source

d.      Donation schemes

The intention is to avoid putting pressure on villagers to run lots of fundraising events. There will continue to be the traditional Village Hall events. Plus extra events organised to attract money in from outside of the village

15.   Communication - the Village Hall Committee wanted to know from the people present what works for them, for example, the village website, articles in newsletter, Facebook group, speaking to a committee member.   People expressed interest in the website and the newsletter articles.  It was requested that the AGM minutes be placed on the website

16.   General questions from the floor.  Wide range of topics including:

a.       Concerns that the Hall will only be for this community – giving very little opportunity to obtain money from that source.

b.      Whether we have to use one of the three architects discussed.

c.       How long would the self-build take?

d.      A variety of questions about costs/professional fees.

e.      A feeling that it was a fait accompli regarding the site

17.   Some members of the audience expressed their dissatisfaction about the lack of consultation

with the neighbours. The Village Hall committee re-confirmed the consultation process and the opportunity for people to formally express their views.  Apologies from John Hayter – we clearly need to do better. After all this is everyone’s village hall. He confirmed that the neighbours should have the greatest say in the plans for the new Village Hall.  It was stated again that it should be possible to mitigate the concerns of the neighbours

18.   AOB  - Future events – Summer Fete 21/22 June.  It was suggested that the fete and all

events should be advertised further afield to gather support from local villages, for example,

through the newsletter.

19.   Sheila Laurence proposed a vote of thanks to the Fundraising Committee members –

unanimously agreed

Closed at 9.00pm - 35 attendees