The Tytherton Village Hall has been an excellent focus for the community in and around the Tythertons since 1924.  We are extremely grateful to those who built it, especially to James Bailey who leased the land for it in the centre of East Tytherton, and to the Baker family who funded the initial construction.

Unfortunately, the lease is due to expire in January 2016.  We have investigated several options for the future of the hall.  If we are to retain a hall, we believe the only viable option is to build a new hall on a different site.  However, such a step would require substantial contributions of both time and money from many people; even with grants, the community would need to raise at least £50–100k.  It would also take time.  We would therefore also seek to obtain a new, short-term (e.g. 5-year) lease to continue the existing hall temporarily in the meantime.

    new hall plans

    Report 10th February 2013

    AGM April 2013

    AGM May 2014

    Development committee minutes 7th Feb 2014

    We intend to rebuild a Tytherton Village Hall, would you support it?