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Kurt Kimbel's Skateboarding Site

John Fall's Alrington Skate site

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Joel Gwadz' Blog

Tyson: Backside Air. (Picture by Timothy Yatsko, Spkatepark in Arlington, VA 4/25/06).

Mini invert. (Picture by Timothy Yatsko, Spkatepark in Arlington, VA 4/25/06).

The two pictures above and the two below were taken in late June, 2006 by Frank Molina. 

I continue to skate (sometimes more than others). Arlington, Virginia now has a great skatepark which I try to get to as often as I can. I'm slowly building back up to my previous prowess. I have also been to Green Skate Lab in DC. In Virginia: Van Dyke in Fairfax, and the Alexandria park. On my list to go to is the Wakefield park, in Virginia.  In Maryland, Waldlorf, St. Anne's and Frederick, are on the list. Go to for a detiled list.

Check out by firend Frank Molina's online skateshop  There's a cool selection of new and old school gear and accessories.


I ride my bike to work pretty much every day, year round. In the spring of 2005 I got a Jamis Nova cyclocross bike which has been a blast to ride.

My friiend Joel has a bike centered blog.  Definetely worth checking out for DC bike coverage. A cool assortment of other stuff there too. (Link in sidebar).

Cool Software

I like messing around with music making software (more on that in the music section). I found a free software to remotely control your PC. This means that I can access my home PC via the web from anywhere. No more forgetting files.