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Here are some of the music-related links that I find myself visiting:  This site is point-based. There are lots of electronica live sets in addition to forums and other electronic music-related information.

All Music Guide:  A great place to get an album review and cover art. The cross-reference feature shows you like artists.

Phillip Sherbourne: Phillips covers a variety of techno news with links to interesting music and insightful commentary.  I check this pretty frequently.

What's playing on the iPod:

In the new year, my tastes still tend to minimal techno.  I've been listening to artists on the Minus label, the new mixed CD by Dinky, Cobblestone Jazz and a variety of other artists.

Current Heavy Rotation:

1/2008: (In No Particular Order)

1. Michal Ho: Screw The Coffeemaker (tuning Spork).

2. Get Lost 3: Mixed by Dinky

3. Burial: Untrue (Hyperdub)

4. Gaiser: Eye Contact (Minus)

5. V/A: Expansion/Contrction (Minus)


This is one of the coolest videos I've seen in a long time.  Minilogue again.  Favorite act of the moment? Probably:


Here's a Ropyskopp video I dig. This is  a track that plays in a GEICO commercial, which drew my attention to it:


Here are a couple of interesting music clips:

Rei Harakami

Alex Under

I am a geek and keep a  list of my CD collection.  I am having trouble uploading my lsit to the site, so email me if you wnat a copy.  I hope to have it up eventually for download.

My "check out" list. Here is a list of CDs (as well as books and movies I want to check out. The CDs, books and movies are on different tabs in the file).