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                              updates 26/05/07 


Selkirk -  550km 26/05/07 

Multi-stage ride across the borders. Rone, Angus + Bison. Pics

With the Newnham ride gladly behind us, our sights were set on the first english round of the merida marathon 100km ride ...

                              merida - penrith

penrith - 100km 13/05/07 

7hrs + of lakeland battering without the rain  Read here!



Gallery pictures are now up - featuring the best of pics 2006. Most of the data will be completely innacturate, but if you can send me the info I will sort it. 

Here is a classic bit of video from 2005 of maz and gaz riding the log of doom.  GAZ.wmv  Right-click, Save target-as and then play from desktop. A trial to test the likelyhood of more video clips.