This site is created to keep all of Nekocin/tyreling's drawings neatly indexed. The drawings are mostly fanarts for anime or manga and usually are traditionally pencil-drawn with some amateurish attempts to use photoshop coloring or recently, SAI. 

Enjoy your browsing. :3

Warning: These drawings belongs to Nekocin. Please don't steal. Some of these might contain some adult stuff but nothing too explicit unless stated.


22/8/2015 - It's been so many years since I last drew stuff. HEADS UP! HERE'S MY DOODLING TUMBLR: http://pawedprints.tumblr.com/ 

13.11.2012 - Added new section "EXO". Experimenting with the blog-like posts. :D

16.07.2012 - it's been a while but I've managed to sketch Kuroko from Kuroko no Basket. So new category, ahoy!

11.09.2011 -  added new KaiJou art work for "Yuugiou". Added new version of "Cat boy".

10.09.2011 - Added category "Original" to comprise the original artwork "Cat boy". 

02.09.2011 - New GW giftart for lil-1337's fic "Contrast and Shadows".

01.09.2011 - The H/D Big Bang is LIVE.

30.08.2011 - edited home page.

29.08.2011 - added new giftart in Natsume Yuujinchou. Happy B-day, Fantasia~!

28.08.2011 - added new Nyanko-sensei fanart in Natsume Yuujinchou. Please be safe, everyone!

14.08.2011 - added new Nyanko-sensei fanart in Natsume Yuujinchou. Late b-day present for lil-1337.

08.06.2011 - added new fanart in GW section.

26.05.2011 - finished adding the last touches. :D

25.05.2011 - finished indexing fanart site

23.05.2011 - launching of this site

Bloody Roar © Hudson Soft
Uriko artwork © Nekocin

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