Things to know first before heading off to my archives:

    31.10.2015 - the MASTERLIST SPREAD SHEET [CURRENTLY STILL UNDERGOING CONSTRUCTION, bandom fanfics and several BL manga fanfics are not on the list yet]

- the stories are listed from the latest to the earliest story. At the top the latest fics and at the end of the page, the earliest. 
- the categories are characters/pairings, genres, last update and status.
- an alphabetical title index will be added soon!
- for newbies in the fanfiction world, go here.
- a lot of my older fics are friends-locked at tyreling-fanfic journal. The other mirror site you might be able to find some of them is at FFNET
- in the near future, I'll try to post all of them over here for the complete usage.
- Here's the PDF version (Last update: 07.06.2011)

What can you expect from this list? Anime, manga, real people fanfic and some odd notion of fanfic that doesn't apply to any of the categories. I'll just list them alphabetically to make it easier to check out.

 RPF/Bandom BL manga
CLAMP fics (all series)