A fast and easy way to find bugs in your source code


Scan of Micropolis (aka SimXXty) (2008 Jan 13)

Typo.pl scan reveals 19 unchecked uses of memory allocation return values and 3 minor bugs. Report sent to Don Hopkins.

Scans of several open source projects (2007 May 29)

Each zip file contains four files - two .txt files contain the typos sorted by file/line number and sorted by typo and two .ctx files which are similar to the .txt files but the files also show the source code context of the typo (in the case of memory allocation typos, this includes the actual memory allocation function call and the location where the variable is dereferenced).

Abiword 2.4.6 abi_070428.zip

Amanda 2.5.1p3 amanda_070428.zip

Asterisk 1.4.2 ast_070428.zip

Firefox 2.0.3 firefox_070428.zip

Linux linux_070428.zip

OpenBSD 4.1 obsd_070428.zip

Perl (ActivePerl 8.20) perl_070428.zip

PHP 5.2.1 php_070428.zip

Python 2.5 py_070428.zip

Ruby 1.8.5 ruby_070428.zip

Samba 3.0.24 samba_070428.zip



Paper from 1999 Perl Conference A fast and easy way to find bugs in your source code

"man" page for typo.pl script (explains usage and typos #1-62) typo.htm