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Cinta Kau dan Aku by Siti Rosmizah

posted 4 Dec 2009, 04:04 by Maisarah Ak

For Malay readers out there, you may one to try and read this book. It's a romance, of course, about a girl, Farisya, in her early twenties who managed to get a job as a driver for the CEO of a successful business - a man named Farish Hakimi. The CEO eventually fell in love with her due to her childishness, and the story progresses along their marriage which had a lot of problems due to the very large age gap between them. Suddenly, one tense night, someone decided to do something to put them apart forever..

Unlike most Malay romances, this one is very simple, very sweet. It differs greatly from Siti Rosmizah's first novel titled "Andai Itu Takdirnya", another very awesome read but leaning more towards angst and tragedy. This novel is lighter, realistic and teaches a lot about the true meaning of love and trust that's so crucial when going into marriage. A very good read for many!