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Translation (Sailor Uniform)

Onyanko Club's 1985 debut single "Se-ra- fuku wo nugasanaide."
Translation: "Don't Make Me Take Off My Sailor Uniform."

The lyrics in English:

Don't make me take off my sailor uniform. It's wrong right now. Be patient.
Don't make me take off my sailor uniform It's bad, it's wrong to do it here.

Girls are always "mimidoshima" (a girl who experiences sexual activity vicariously through other people's stories)
I'm studying!
Ah, everyday.

I want to "do H" (have sex) before my friends
But I'm too cowardly to go further than kissing.

"That person is a sexual pervert!" All together!
Let's get rid of him - get rid of the stress!
We're so lucky!

Look! Look! Look!
That confused guy!

It's not like I really care
If my navy blue uniform becomes a mess,
But because it's fun, I screamed on purpose,
And pretended to cry.

f a high-school girl, who couldn't even kill a bug,
is not treated seriously, she'll make him hurt!

The overprotected daughter acts gentle,
but when she does it, she does it.

Let's bully him more!
I thought of something good.
Let's bully him more!
I pinched him hard!"

Source: http://www.edmundyeo.com/2006/11/onyanko-club.html