Types 2011 in Bergen

The 18th Workshop "Types for Proofs and Programs" will be held in Bergen, Norway, from September 8 to September 11.  It will be held in conjunction with CSL 2011 which takes place in Bergen September 12 - 15.

The Types Meeting is a forum to present new and on-going work in all aspects of type theory and its applications, especially in computer programming and in formalized and computer-assisted reasoning. Since 1992, Types Meetings have been annual workshops of the community of European researches involved in several multilateral scientific projects, of which the Types Project was the most recent. The previous TYPES workshop was held in Warsaw, Poland in October 2010.

Topics and Scope

We encourage all researchers to contribute talks on subjects related to the Types area of interest. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • Foundations of type theory and constructive mathematics;
  • Applications of type theory;
  • Dependently typed programming;
  • Industrial uses of type theory technology;
  • Meta-theoretic studies of type systems;
  • Proof-assistants and proof technology;
  • Automation in computer-assisted reasoning;
  • Links between type theory and functional programming;
  • Formalizing mathematics using type theory.

The talks may be based on newly published papers, work submitted for publication, but also work-in-progress. There are no formal pre-proceedings. 

Invited speakers


Program is available here.

Practical information

Practical information is here.


There will be no proceedings volume. Instead, we plan to publish a special postproceedings "Types for Proofs and Programs". Call for papers.


The local arrangement is done by University of Bergen, Norway and the program is organized by Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.