Derivative Standards


Specific Sectors Applications of LCSEA Climate Accounting Metrics

Provides standard practices for climate registries and climate credit trading systems and clearinghouses.  Ensures auditable climate benefits and while eliminating unreported offsetting impacts and multiple counting of the same benefits.



Environmental Product Declarations, Declarations of Environmental Preferability, and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Systems

Provides standard practices for environmental performance claims in competitive marketplaces.  Allows accurate comparisons of the environmental performance of competing products and services.  Sets clear and concise standard formats for performance claims.  Provides standard practices for procurement professionals to ensure they are purchasing environmentally preferable products and services.



Environmental Building Declarations

Provides standard practices for environmental performance claims in buildings.  Eliminates credits for unsubstantiated environmental benefits and ensures auditable, science-based performance claims for buildings.



Environmental Sustainability Ratings

Provides standard practices for making claims of environmental sustainability of products and services, a higher level of performance than environmental preferability.  Specifies category indicators for which impacts must be near zero.  Specifies other category indicators as bases for performance comparison among competing products and services.  Provides a clear and concise standard format for performance claims that is easily understood by consumers.