Background and Objective of LEO-SCS-002

Materials, products, services, and the manufacturing or operational systems into which they are integrated, may have significant impacts to human health and the environment. The extent and nature of these human health and environmental impacts are dependent upon many life-cycle factors, such as: the type of material, product, service or system; the specific materials and technologies employed in the manufacture, use and disposal of materials and products, or in the delivery of services; and the environmental conditions in which material and product manufacturing, service delivery or system functioning takes place. In order to make informed choices, decision-makers need verifiable, objective and transparent information about these lifecycle impacts, provided in a consistent format without the subsequent aggregation of indicator results through the use of weighting factors.


The objective of the Life-Cycle Impact Profile Declarations for Products, Services and Systems Standard (LEO-SCS-002) is to specify the life-cycle impact assessment (LCIA) methods, scope, metrics and format for declarations. The LEO-SCS-002 standard will comply with the requirements of ISO 14044 and ASTM draft standard E06.71.10. SCS-002 is intended to develop a uniform and standardized format for properly reporting the environmental life-cycle impacts of any system studied and explicitly excludes weighting factors and interpretation of LCIA results.