The strongest thinker, Ryumei Yoshimoto

Ryumei Yoshimoto is a thinker in Japan described as the postwar maximum.Yoshimoto Banana is a worldwide writer it is that daughter.Her work is estimated at MacDonald as well, and evaluated with the work which complains about the urbane modern sensitivity.

The idea of R.Yoshimoto approaches the urbanized world.
That points out a social limit of the advanced country which shifted from the want to surplus.
It says for certain that there are not ethics which cope with the society which became excessive in the various aspects, and an idea.
However, a human being will create an idea to the new society with the imagination and thinking.

R.Yoshimoto is thought to become that source to be a family.
He thinks that the expansion of the territory from the family formed it to the state historically.
Human relations expanded in the turn of the family → relative → tribe → race → state.
There is a human being as an individual before the family.
The process of these expansions has three different dimensions.
That is a thing in the idea, and it is the process that value changes.
R.Yoshimoto did individual speculation with referring to Freud and Hegel.
That is Yoshimoto's idea, and it is theory.
It is the idea Michael Foucault was wished to be English-ization and French, too.
It is a book as 'public illusion', and famous in Japan.

追悼吉本隆明 ミシェル・フーコーと『共同幻想論』

編集:中田 平

共同幻想論 (1982年) (角川文庫)

著:吉本 隆明
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