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The Sorcerer


June 1998
Northern NODA news.  February 1999.                                                                                                                   Trevor Harder

A change of venue to the Priory Theatre in Tynemouth, due to anticipated rebuilding plans (now shelved), of their normal theatre, turned out to my mind, to be a major advantage.  'Sorcerer' in the intimacy of the Priory was delightful, as against a smaller audience rattling around in the barn that is the Playhouse. 

'Sorcerer' is not one of the most popular Savoy Operas, sot it is always a pleasure to see and hear it when it is well done, as in this presentation.
A bright, well designed and painted set and nice costume added greatly to Val Corbitt's excellent, fairly traditional production.  Mike Graham's Alexis was a priceless twit, and I liked Fu-Meng Khaw's parson very much, (pity about the distracting flower watering during his first song).  Philip Smith made his sorcerer a cockney spiv, rather than a malevolent trickster, but it worked very well for him, and his diction in the catalogue patter-song was superb.  June Posting's Lady Sangazure and Marjorie Archer's Aline were very well sung as I would have expected.  

The choral singing was lusty, as the style of this piece requires.  Before the opera began, I had wondered if such a large and excellent orchestra might not be overpowering in a much smaller theatre.  I might have known that Tony Hurst would have it all under control, as always.  The singing came over beautifully, and the evening was one of sheer musical pleasure.  Well done.

Photos By George Knox

The Sorcerer, 2013

When He is Here

Act 1 Finale

Act 2 Finale