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ACT I   
The scene opens on the grounds of Castle Bunthorne, where Twenty love-sick maidens profess their love and affection for Reginald Bunthorne, a mystic and aesthetic poet.  However, to the maidens despair, it is revealed that Bunthorne cares only for Patience, the village milkmaid.  Patience, however, does not reciprocate this love - indeed, she has never loved - at least, not since she was a "tiny babe of four".  Bunthorne attempts to win Patience's affections by reciting his poetry.  This "heart-drawn poesy" fuels the love-sick maidens' passion but it is mocked by the newly-arrived Officers of the Dragoon Guards.  When it is clear that his poetry does not excite Patience, Bunthorne confesses that he is an aesthetic sham and tries to lower himself to Patience's level - in vain.  Exit Bunthorne, Enter Grosvenor, Patience's childhood lover.  who turns out to be "... a broken-hearted troubadour, whose mind's aesthetic and whose tastes are pure!"   When the maidens discover this, they instantly turn their attentions to Grosvenor.  Meanwhile, Patience has given her hand in marriage to Bunthorne, out of duty and obligation to the cause of Love - Lady Jane, who has long loved Bunthorne, is devastated.  However, Bunthorne's betrothal to Patience is not sufficient to appease his fury at discovering that he no longer has the unreserved attention of the maidens.  Bunthorne storms off in disgust to close Act 1.  

Lady Jane is seen with the maidens in a rural glade.  She sings of her plight as an aging old spinster.  Meanwhile, the maidens have been stalking Grosvenor continuously for the past three days and he is somewhat tired of this adulation.  He tells the maidens that their yearning is in vain, for he loves another.  Patience appears and Grosvenor immediately professes his love for her. A complicated 'love square' then develops between Patience, Grosvenor, Bunthorne and Lady Jane.  This is solved through a suprising series of twists and turns..........    
Double Bill with Trial by Jury



Patience 2014 Act 1

Patience 2014 Act 2

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