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More Bits & Pieces

Mock Turtles
by Frank Desprez and Alfred Cellier

Mr Wranglebury - Paul Newman
Mrs Wranglebury - Kaye Rudd
Mrs Boucher - Pam Boak
Jane - Julia Straw

Mr. and Mrs. Wranglebury quarrel like two tigers whenever they are together. Things come to a head when Mrs. Wranglebury's mother comes unexpectedly to stay with them. Mr. Wranglebury borrowed money from his mother-in-law many years ago to start his business, and he is fearful that she may ask for it back. They pretend to be very amiable and discover that they really prefer being amiable to each other and want to live happily together. When the servant Jane nearly spoils everything by telling the mother-in-law of the quarrels, she is branded a liar and sacked on the spot.

Mock Turtles

Ballads, Songs and Snatches Part 1 - G&S

Thespis – Little Maid of Arcadee – Julia Straw

Iolanthe – Fold Your Flapping Wings – Gareth Jones

The Grand Duke – Strange the Views – Kaye Rudd (Julia), Julia Straw (Lisa), Carol Straw (Ernestina), Richard Straw (Notary) & Paul Newman (Ludwig)

The Grand Duke – The Prince of Monte Carlo – Richard Straw and Ensemble

The Grand Duke – The Roulette Song – Richard Straw and Ensemble

BS&S pt1

Ballads, Songs & Snatches Part 2

The Rose of Persia – Let a Satirist – Paul Newman

The Rose of Persia – ‘Neath My Latice – Kaye Rudd

The Arcadians – Charming Weather - Meng Khaw & Louisa Stobbs

The Arcadians – All Down Piccadilly – Gareth Jones & Ensemble

Our Miss Gibbs – Moonstruck – Julia Straw  & Ensemble 

BS&S Pt2

The Carp
by Frank Desprez and Eaton Fanning
New Score by Quade Winter

Piscator - Richard Straw
Amandus - Meng Khaw
Amanda - Louisa Stobbs

Piscator arrives at a stream, looking forward to a quiet day's fishing. He is interrupted by Amandus, who wants to commit suicide by drowning himself in the river. Piscator, upset, tells Amandus that he has, throughout his life, tried to catch a particular carp at this place. If Amandus throws himself in, he will chase away the carp and spoil a lifetime of work. Amandus, in turn, tells Piscator of his hopeless love affair. He promises to wait until after Piscator has returned home before drowning himself. Amanda arrives, and she wants to commit suicide in the river, also over a hopeless love affair. Piscator tells her she must wait, and then goes up the bank, where he has seen the carp nibble at his line. As Amandus and Amanda converse, they learn some unflattering things about their former loves. By the time Piscator returns, now the proud bearer of the eponymous Carp, they have decided that they are now in love with each other, and do not wish to commit suicide after all.

The Carp

Photos by George Knox