Vspec . So whats it mean ? Victory specification. That information came directly from some inside information at Nissan.

The Vspecs have the same specification engine as the normal GT-R's. Nothing different with the engine. That means the horsepower that it makes is the same.

R32 Vspec

Vspecs came with Brembo brakes, and a little stiffer suspension setup in the R32 GT-R's.

Vspec-1453 produced

R32 Vspec II

Vspec II came with the same things as the Vspec, but also wider wheels and tires.

VspecII-1303 produced

R33 Vspec

The R33 Vspec came with ATTESA ETS PRO. Pro includes an electronically controlled lockup of the rear differential. Not side to side control , just electronically controlled lockup of the rear diff. No pressure to the diff means it acts as an open diff, max pressure and it acts as a locked diff.

Vspec (including N1) -6551 produced

R34 Vspec

Vspec 1-8-1999


R34 Vspec II


Vspec II 8-28-2000

R34 Vspec II Nur


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