RB26 Nissan Skyline GT-R  Powered 1967 Mustang

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift 

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Nissan Skyline motor in a Mustang ?

Its crazy, its wrong. Why ?

Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. I was brought into this project to lend what I knew about the RB26. It was my first time ever working on an RB26 not in a Skyline GT-R. Working for the movie industry was interesting.

The first time Toshi called me to ask for an RB25 transmission, when he told me it was for a Mustang, I laughed out loud for a while. Eventually I got the call, and came in to help out with making it all work. At first they were mocking up an engine from a Fast and Furious 2 R34 GT-R.  I let them know that a better idea was to buy an engine, put the R34 back together, and I would help to make it all work. 

When we went to look at the car, I decided that a single turbo would be best, and I wanted to put it way up in front, I wanted it to be very visible. It had to have kind of a bit of pop, without being too crazy. As it was a drift car, the turbo is just something pretty simple. I should probably remember what that was, but it wasn't anything big. The stock engine, got a polished plenum, a GReddy exhaust manifold, and not much else of anything. Stock injectors, RB25 oil pan.  Turbonetics turbo, Spearco Intercooler. Engine management was an AEM 1621U with a MAP sensor. Wiring harness was pared down to get rid of the junk, help hide it in the engine compartment, and help make it work in the Mustang. 

Valve cover painted body color. It was thought it didn't go with the movie

Spearco intercooler. Thanks Reggie and Turbonetics

This test was from Edmunds.com. The same/similar test was run by Hot Rod magazine and Sport Compact car magazine.

There was one RB26 powered Mustang and several V-8 powered Mustangs.

The RB26 powered car was faster and quicker than the V-8 Mustang they tested that day. The V-8 car running the quarter mile in 14.4 seconds at 96 mph. The RB26 powered 1967 Mustang running a 13.2 @ 109 mph. I wish I would have turned the car up off base spring pressure. It was only running about 13 psi. Turbonetics hooked us up with an intercooler and a 60-1 turbo. It was really just a basic setup. Stock R32 motor, stock injectors, Greddy exhaust manifold.