RB26 bolt tightening torque 
  • Head bolts
  • Main bolts
  • Rod bolts
  • ARP headstuds

Head bolts 12mm x 1.5

The cylinder head tightening sequence is a five step process. The bolts are tightened from the center outwards.

1. Tighten to 22 ft/lb

2. Tighten to 80 ft/lb

3. Loosen bolts completely to 0 ft/lbs

4. Tighten bolts to 22 ft/lbs

5. Turn bolts 85-90 degrees clockwise with an angle wrench, or tighten to 76-83 ft/lbs when torque wrench is used.

Main bolts

34-38 ft/lbs from the center outwards. Done in two or three steps.

Rod bolts

Apply engine oil to connecting rods and nuts before assembly

Two steps

1. 10-12 ft/lbs

2. Angle wrench 60-65 degrees.

ARP headstuds

The head studs are 12 mm. The ARP kit is the 190,000 psi studs. The ARP catalog says 86 ft/lbs with lube. 109 ft/lbs with 30 wt oil.


Stock torque is 76-83 ft/lbs.