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GT-R Information

GTR Basics

Engine Specifications - Stock - Nismo - N1 - Group A

GTR Advanced Information

GT-R Dyno Charts.

Big Bird - Yellow R33 - USA

FC- Data Logit - Power FC tuning software

Nissan Part Numbers #1

Nismo Z Ttune Plenum

GT-R information plate breakdown

ROM Editor

GT-R Transmissions

Epson Driving Information Processor

Turbo- Exhaust manifold to turbo mismatch

GTR Waterpumps - Comparision of N1 to regular waterpump

RB26 - RB bottom end

RB26 ECU pinouts

JPNZ - English service manuals /owners manuals GT-R

SoCal Speed Shop Nitrous Install GT-R

Holley Tech Article Install on GT-R(Big Bird)

OS Giken Crossmission set

Broken parts

GTR Parts

US GT-RTurbo Dyno Comparisions
32 DifferencesClutch

Epson Processor

GT-R Turbos

GT-R /Skyline/ Message Boards

Performance Car - New Zealand forum

GT-R owners UK Message Board

Skylines Downunder Message Board - New Zealand/Australian Skyline board

Supraforums - MK IV board

Nissan Forums -US message board

Freshalloy.com - Nissan information and forum

NICO Formus - Nissan/ Infiniti Car Owners


GT-R Links

GT-R Owners UK - UK Owners information

GTR Central

Croydon Wholesalers - Fast R32 in New Zealand

Project "X" - Drag R32 from Japan now in the UK

Bird Bird Sport Compact Car Article - R33 GT-R 10.7 @ 137

Prospec - UK - UK GT-R seller


Veilside - Aerokits - hardparts - 8.8 GT-R on street tires

Top Secret - Hard parts - Fast cars

ATS USA - Carbon clutches -differentials

JIC Magic - Suspension - Titanium exhaust

Exedy Racing Clutch USA - Clutches

HPI -Hard parts

XS Engineering - US tuner - DTS dyno - Dynojet

Reimax - Reinik

Bathurst GT-R

Henris R32 - Left hand drive R32

ARC - Intercoolers - cooling products

Craigs R34

Apex-i USA GT-R's

Daniels R33 - USCC

Veilside R32 - Drag Sport Article

Drag Sport R33 - 749 wheel horsepower stock motor R33

Nicks R32 - One Lap of America Skyline

USCC 03 Competitors

USCC 03 - Nicks R32 - we blew it up

Other Links

Fullboost.com - Australian online car magazine

Grid Japan -Computer tuning -Data Scan

Power Enterprise-Hard parts - bearings - turbos - exhausts -etc

Carbon Fiber wheels

Justins R33

NICO - Nissan Infiniti Owners Club


Gear speed calculator

IDRC - Import Drag Racing series

Sport Compact CarĀ  Magazine - RIP

Modified Magazine

Turbo Magazine - RIP

Super Street


Road and Track

Car and Driver

Motor Trend

Import Tuner

Adaptor plates - Australia

Canadian Import Information

RB in a 240- SCC

Nissan Performance Magazine

RB Diagrams

Autospeed - Power vs Torque

Power FC and other information

Z32 Tech pages

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