Nissan Skyline GT-R History1989 -1998

August 1989R32 GT-R debuted

February 1990GT-R Nismo debuted

March 1990Group A GT-R debuted and won its first race

November 19901990 Group A series Champion

August 1991Spa Francocious 24 hr Endurance Race , Group A GT-R won the race (First time for a Japanese car to win)

November 19911991 Group A series Champion

November 19921992 Group A series Champion

March 1993GT-R Vspec debuted

November 19931993 Group A series Champion

February 1994GT-R Vspec II debuted

April 1994GT Racing series debuted and the GT-R won

January 1995R33 GT-R debuted

January 1995R33 400R prototype by Nismo

June 1995LeMans Racing , R33 first participation

February 1996Nismo 400R

May 1996LeMans 24 hours edition was released as “LM Limited”

June 1996LeMans participation

April 1997Nismo refresh menu was promoted for theR32 GT-R

October 1997-4 door GT-R was released by Autech

November 1997The R33 was officially exported to the U.K.

December 1997Nismo Festival GT-R Race – New /Old generation

March 1998Pennzoil GT-R won the GT Racing series.