RB26DETT Connecting Rods

 Connecting the crankshaft to pistons since 1989


RB26DETT/GT-R upgrades


RB26DETT connecting rods.

  • The biggest issue with the stock RB26 rod are the rod bolts. As the rpms increase, the load on the rod bolts increase. The stock rod bolts, can and will break.


  • 633 grams
  • Replace the rod bolts


  • Some of the best rods you can buy.
  • A- Beam
  • H- Beam - 507 g. A set saves 1.679 lbs compared to stock


  • 541 g - Torque to 50 ft/lbs
  • X-beam rod


  • Not any rod I would trust in an RB26

Aluminum rods

  • Light
  • Not great for a street car
  • Requires modifications to work.