• Tilton carbon/carbon
  • Nismo/Exedy twin disk
  • ATS carbon clutch
  • Push to pull conversion
  • Pull to push conversion
  • Dampening circuit
  • Pull style throwout bearing removal


Tilton triple plate carbon clutch.

  • Tilon carbon /carbon clutch

Nismo twin plate clutch R34

  • This clutch is good to about 600 whp in a GT-R
  • Pull style clutch. You can tell by the ring on the ends of the clutch cover fingers.

ATS Carbon triple plate carbon/steel clutch R34

  • Carbon clutch disks, steel plates between
  • Push style clutch only
  • Clutch acuatution must be changed from pull style to push style

Push to Pull conversion

Pull to Push conversion

Most aftermarket clutches, with the exception of Nismo/Exedy are push style of clutches. The stock late R32 , R33, and R34 use a pull style of clutch release. People have bought used clutches, or no instructions on the conversion process.

  • Front cover assembly
  • Gasket
  • Clutchfork
  • Spring
  • Spring
  • Clutch bearing
  • Clutch bearing sleeve
  • Cover - dust
  • Release cylinder
  • Hose

Getrag transmission converted from pull to push clutch for ATS carbon clutch

Dampening circuit

Pull style clutch /throwout bearing - Late R32/R33

How to remove the bearing