Nissan Skyline GT-R Brakes

 Brakes, not breaks.  Breaks are covered in other areas of the site.

R32 GT-R stock front rotors are 296mm x 32 mm Model OPZ25VR

    Pad dimensions 116 x 50 x 10

    Material  AP50H

R32 GT-R stock rear rotors are 297mm x 18 mm Model OPZ11VB

    Pad dimensions 71.8 x 36.5 x 11.5

    Material  AP50


R32 GT-R rear parking brake

       Model DS17HD

       172 mm drum ID

      Lining dimensions 154.1mmx 25.0 mm x 3.0 mm

      Material  A990

The OEM rotors were cross drilled.  The N1 rotors were not cross drilled. Cross drilled rotors have a tendency to crack. 


GT-R Brake Upgrades

 Many people upgrade brakes to huge rotors and calipers with never a need to use them.  Most of the time, a larger brake rotor and caliper will not actually stop better than a stock rotor and caliper. Stock pads are setup for long life, and good cold stopping power.

If you are going to the track, or enjoy some spirited driving, here are some things to try first.

1. Change the fluid.  Motul 600 is good fluid. Its fairly readily available. It has a very high dry and wet boiling point.  DOT 3 and DOT 4  Brake fluid attracts water  and should be changed bled every year or so in a serious street car. More often if you are into that kind of stuff.

2. Bleed the brakes well.  A good bleed with give you a good firm brake pedal. The mushy wet duck feeling while standing on the brake pedal does not inspire much confidence.

3. Good pads. The definition of good would vary from person to person depending on application. For a street car, something with a good cold bite. Something that doesn't chew up calipers would probably be what you want.  Hawk HPS seems to work well.

4. Brake ducts. Funneling air to the center of the brake rotor helps out a lot with brake issues. The cooler you keep the brake rotor, the less heat it transfers to the caliper. The less heat you transfer to the caliper. The less likely to boil the brake fluid. At least thats what I think happens.

Brake duct install on a 300ZX.

Brake duct install on a S2000