Left the Navy in 1997 moved from San Diego , California to San Bernardino ,CA. Joined family business exporting vehicles to Japan.

Open road racing at Big Bend Open Road race in Texas. Dabney Crump was the driver, I was the navigator. We won our class 125mph average over 120 miles.

In April 1999 started working for Motorex ,legalizing the Nissan Skyline GT-R. First US DOT bond released(legal) GT-R was on November 15 , 1999 . Final publication of VCP-17 was in January ,2000. Duties included marketing , sales ,mechanical repairs , vehicle modifications, legalization of vehicles , Liaison to the US government , tuning for emissions testing , drag racing.I pretty much did it all. Not anything well , I just liked playing with cars.

Sport Compact Car articles .Ultimate Street Car Challenge 2001 7th place , Ultimate Street Car Challenge 2002 2nd place , Motor Trend , Road and Track , Car and Driver , Modified Magazine , Turbo Magazine , Import Tuner , Super Street , NOPI Nationals , Super Street Tour , Trek 2 Texas.

Cars I worked on – on the cover of Sport Compact Car 5 times. April 2003 , August 2002 , March 2002 , May 2001 , November 1999.

First Skyline GT-R 10 second pass in the US. 10.71 @ 137 R33 . Big Bird R33 GT-R

Left MotoRex in April 2002.

Made some PT Cruiser parts for a while. After a while, I wanted to crash into any PT Loser I saw.

Built an F150 that was on the cover of Sport Truck with pornstar Devon.

Helped to start up RB Motoring.

Consulted on a movie. There was this Mustang, with an RB26 in it.

Started helping out a guy I met though the internet with his racing aspirations. He was working on his 350Z, when we saw a 2000 Nissan Skyline GT-R N1 at the GT Live event. At the event, we talked with the SCCA Pro officials in attendance, and they gave a "sort of" pre-approval for the car for World Challenge GT.

2005 we spent the year preparing and learning about the series. Ran a Time Attack or two. Went to SEMA. Started stripping the car down to repaint and rebuild the car in November.

Raced the car in 2006. We went to five races, but only started four of them. Tough, expensive year.

Did some consulting work for G & K Automotive. Finished up a couple of GT-R's that were hung up in the whole Motorex fiasco.

2007 - Some drifting. RB25 powered S14 , twin turbo 350Z , VQ35 swapped S13. Helped out here and there. Nothing too serious for 2007. Just hanging out and taking up space.

Did an MTV show called "Trick it Out". I hated myself for doing it. I wasn't going to do it , but I thought it might be fun. It was a lot of work. A lot of hours. We took a BMW sedan , and turned it into a BMW woody wagon with a 1960's theme. However, we didn't finish all the way , and we ended up losing.