Tyler Foster

Assistant Professor, Florida State University

Email: tsfoster[at]fsu[dot]edu

Office: LOV 109

Mailing Address: 208 Love Building, 1017 Academic Way, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4510

Mathematical interests: My primary interest is in non-Archimedean geometry and its interactions with the tropical and birational geometry of algebraic varieties. I also like to think asymptotics in algebraic varieties over finite fields, and about operads, especially in the context of algebraic geometry.

Education: I received my Ph.D. from Yale University, under the direction of Mikhail Kapranov, and I did my undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley.

Teaching: This Spring 2019 semester, I'm teaching Calculus II (MAC2312, Section 0019).

If you are enrolled in the course, you can access our course website at https://canvas.fsu.edu/courses/73718.

Publications and preprints

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