Mr. Tyler's Math Resources

For math teachers, by a math teacher.
It seems there is very few good websites for high school math teachers.   This is my attempt at creating one.   I have a number of resources that I've created that I'll make available for all to use.   I probably won't add everything I've made as it would take too much time, so I'll try and just upload the "better" things.
Flash resources
Infinite Factoring -  This flash resource simply provides an infinite (ok, it's not infinite, because I've limited the possible factors), but it does give an infinite number of problems.  Great for students who just need lots of practice. 
Graphing equations in slope-intercept form -   This flash resource gives a random equation in slope-intercept form, and the student is to graph it.   They place 2 points.  One for the y-intercept and one for the point found by using the slope.  They click on graph line, and then they can check the answer.   A running tally is kept on the bottom of how many questions were answered correctly.
Finding slope of line shown on the graph
Writing equation of line shown on the graph