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About me:

I try to keep myself very busy with a variety of causes, most of which are listed below. Since August 2007 I've been employed at ICF International in their Energy & Resources group, in the San Francisco office, working mostly on energy efficiency. In my spare time, I really enjoy about everything outside -- my less formal info is on facebook.



Current Interests and Causes:

Energy Crossroads: the global coalition for a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future is expanding. Chapters have sprung up in Denmark and Singapore, to join the Stanford chapter, and will be holding conferences that bring thought leaders together to discuss energy from business, security, environment, technology, and policy perspectives. We have become an incorporated organization and are filing for 501(c)3 status. Stanford's conference is April 30 and May 1!

Dinner for Darfur: As I was moving into my new apartment in August 2007, I was reading "Not on Our Watch" by John Pendergrast (who you probably don't know) and Don Cheadle (who you probably do). It inspired me to take some sort of action to help end the genocide in Darfur, so I hatched a plan for Dinner for Darfur: a housewarming dinner designed to raise funds for action in Darfur and educate some friends. Which of course requires some cooking skill, and my friend Lisa agreed to help make this thing a reality, along with her friends Marria and Darwin. Our first dinner was on October 7, and raised $100 for Save Darfur Coalition! Check out the web site, and don't be afraid to copy this idea. Next I held movie showings of The Devil Came on Horseback and made $126 more in donations and inspired viewers to write letters to congresspersons.

Green Futures Scholarship: this $1,000 scholarship will be given to one graduating Grinnell High School pursuing the green future. Applicants may be thinking of studying business, investments, technology, engineering, sociology, policy, marketing, real estate, art, photography -- because any and all of these subjects will be instrumental in bringing about a greener future.

Green Schools: trying to get the government to establish a standard and provide funding to build all new schools green, for educational, health, and energy & environment reasons. My buddy Jonas and I are working together on this: check out our 2-page proposal here, and our more comprehensive plan was a finalist for the Brookings Institution's Hamilton Prize. View it here (PDF 260k) with the appendix (PDF 120k).

Waves to Wine: Fundraising Bike Ride for MS with team WeFightMS.com, aka, the Rolling Circus. The 2008 ride is September 13-14. Last year's ride was totally awesome -- 150 miles from San Fran into wine country, with a team called. I encourage to check out the WeFightMS web page for some funny videos, as well as some uplifting ones.



Since August 2007: ICF International, San Franciso office. I work as a consultant helping utilities design and implement energy efficiency programs, helping private firms understand and reduce their carbon footprint, and with the EPA as an account manager for ENERGY STAR products and buildings.


June 2007: Masters Degree, Stanford University, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, 
Atmosphere & Energy Program 

December 2005: Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering with Honors and Highest Distinction, minor in Business Administration from The University of Iowa

May 2001: Grinnell High School, Grinnell, Iowa


Projects & Work History

March 2007: Energy Crossroads Conference: http://www.energycrossroads.org

"Building a coalition for a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future." We brought energy think & do leaders to Stanford to talk and continue the coalition building process that will be needed to address this issue. Click here for more information.

2007: Stanford Wind Energy Project
: an initiative to measure campus wind speeds for both building integrated and ground-based turbine possibilities, and familiarize students with the equipment for collecting and processing this data.

2007:  Stanford Green Dorm Project : an initiative to build a dormitory that would double as a unique living laboratory

2006:  Stanford Engineers for a Sustainable World:  class project to design a library and school building for Centro Nuevo Segovia in Ocotal, Nicaragua

2006: Energy Management at the University of Iowa: I worked with the campus energy manager Janet Razbadouski to establish a comprehensive energy management system for the UI campus. I was able to learn Johnson Controls and Andover building control systems and collect and analyze data to be used to recognize possible energy saving opportunities!

2006:  Wind Energy for the University of Iowa campus: my friend Nick Mohr and I, along with fellow student Joe Stansbery, held the belief that a student-written letter (100kb, PDF) supporting wind turbines on campus might help spur the Facilities Management to pursue this opportunity. There was some research being done by a PhD student, and we felt that could bridge into further ongoing university-sponsored wind data gathering. A student group project (856k, PDF) from Jerry Schnoor's Sustainable Systems class helped as well.  Now, they are collecting wind data at the Hills Observatory site south of campus!

2005: Solar Electric Charge Controller, senior design project with Jim Niemeier. Here's our project report (PDF, 236k). Our abstract:  Our project is a device that will allow a solar panel to efficiently recharge a DC battery. This is accomplished by operating the solar panel at an optimal power level regardless of the battery voltage. The controller will vary the voltage across the panel to find and maintain the maximum power point. The circuitry also monitors the battery voltage level and charges the battery using pulse width modulation techniques. The device consists of a boost DC-DC converter, a microcontroller, a current sensing microchip, a Liquid Crystal Display for data output,
and a serial computer interface for programming and data collection.

2003-2005: Mobile Clinic at the University of Iowa College of Medicine: a project to create a doctor's-office-on-wheels that could be taken to communities in and around Iowa City to provide medical care to underrepresented individuals. 


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