Interested in Joining Tyler CMOMs?

Of course you are! CMOMs (Catholic Mothers of Ministry) is a group of Catholic women who desire to draw nearer to God and his Church. Our goals are to encourage each other to be better wives, mothers, and daughters of Christ.

Becoming a member of CMOMs means that you’ll be surrounded by women who understand how you can be simultaneously sleep deprived and overflowing with gushing, heart-exploding love for your children. We’re all on this beautiful, crazy journey of motherhood together, and sometimes we just need a bit of encouragement, a breath of fresh air, or an adult conversation and glass of wine! We hope you find all of those things, and more, in CMOMs.

Each month, in addition to a meeting, we have a variety of activities, which include playdates, socials, fundraisers, and even a Holy Hour (AKA Quiet Prayer Time for Moms with Loud Children). We also serve ministries within the parish such as VBS, RCIA, and Saint Vincent de Paul. Our full calendar of events is attached below, or is accessible via the side bar under "Calendar". 

 For the 2017-18 year, CMOM Membership is only $20

Your membership fee will help us to:

·         Fund activities for children’s parties throughout the year

·         Cover other costs, such as the ministries we serve and CMOM membership scholarships

Any other questions or want to check out a playdate/meeting before you join? E-mail us at! We hope to meet you soon at a meeting or playdate!

If the CMOM registration fee presents a financial hardship for your family, scholarships are available. Please don’t let cost influence your decision to join CMOMs. Contact us at to inquire about a scholarship or sponsoring a scholarship.