About CMOMs

    CMOMs (Catholic Mothers of Ministry) is a group of awesome, joy-filled mothers, who are doing their best to rock the motherhood job position. Whether you're a new mom or veteran mom of six, you'll have a home with us :-)  We meet monthly in member's homes or at the Cathedral, and offer playgroups, children's parties, adult socials, faith-building events and activities, and most of all, friendship! As our name suggest, we also support various ministries within our group and at the parish, which include Vacation Bible School, Saint Vincent de Paul families, gifts for our priests on their birthdays, parish Easter egg hunt, meals for RCIA, and meal calendars for our mamas with new babies. 

CMOMs has the following purposes:
    • to help Catholic women to appreciate the sacramental character and responsibility of marriage and to live in unselfish love observing the laws of God and His Church;
      • to assist each other in bringing up our children as practicing Catholics and benevolent citizens of the community with faith, love, and enthusiasm;
        • to minister to each other, the parish and the larger community, offering love, sympathy and practical help to all families with difficulty
        • to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life;
          • to encourage and support friendships both during and between the monthly meetings;
            • to grow spiritually;
              • to have fun!

              2015-2016 CMOM Leadership

              President: Lauren Shea
              Vice President: Rachel Rendall
              Treasurer: Josie Pinto
              Secretary: Manuela Green
              Guarding the Faith: Lori Lantrip, Rachel Rendall, Jodi Todd
              New Members: Brooke Dietel
              Mothers in Need and Sunshine: Jennifer Reed
              Adult Socials: Lori Lantrip, Jodi Todd
              Playgroup Committee: Laura Kraft, Kristina Christian, Jennifer Reed, Valerie Obesso