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Graphic Design
The images in this section are almost all Scalable Vector Images created by my handiwork using InkScape. I've made graphics for the McM GSA, Math Club, Society of Physics students, and residence life. If you have something you'd like me to do, feel free to ask, no promises though. It's hard to keep this sort of thing up-to-date, so I've just pasted in a couple of my recent graphic designs, and posted a slideshow below which links to my Google+ album that is more comprehensive.

Seriously, who doesn't love painting and stuff? Its just fun. 

I'm no whiz with a camera, but I think the photography bug gets everyone at some point. 

I think nature photography is tons of fun. If you agree, you should check out my profile on .

I also really love high-speed and time-lapse videos. Sadly, I've yet to find a way to justify purchase of a high-speed video camera, but I've been able to do a few time-lapse videos using my Canon and CHDK's ultra-intervalometer script.

Socorro, NM to Springerville, AZ in ~3m

Stars @ Anderson Mesa

Undergraduate Life

*You might want to check my YouTube channel for newer videos or time-lapses.

Additionally, here is a slideshow of my Google+ 'Photography' album.

It may also be worth noting that I enjoy photo editing, and like to use this skill to help creating fliers or just to play jokes on friends. The following slideshow contains some examples and many out-of-context 'lol's. 
*The images directly above are largely modified images taken from the internet*