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    Playing music is my favorite form of stress-relief. As you can see from the above photo, I am a bit addicted. I currently own an acoustic bass guitar, an Epiphone Les Paul, a cheap acoustic guitar, and a Pearl drumset. I love playing all of them. I have played several small shows with several different people, including Tess Williams, Paige Wachsmann, Lindsey Marie Williams, Zach Kerzee, and the McMurry Jazz band. I generally don't play for others' entertainment, but I love to help out friendly people looking for a guitar or bass player. I also enjoy teaching people guitar in my spare time. My music theory isn't that great (it's improving...slowly), but I've been playing since high school and people seem to think I'm getting pretty good. If you'd like to get together and jam, contact me.

I currently do not post content from this hobby of mine. I may remedy this situation in the near future. If I do, I may put them on my SoundCloud profile.

I do keep my chord and tab library on Google docs. Here is the public link to that collection.