I use this website to publish my favorite content in hopes that someone somewhere may find some use or knowledge in it. If you want more information or would like to use something from this webpage please don't hesitate to contact me.

Individual posts are organized by category and can be viewed on the category page; simply click the area of work you want to know more about.

Works in this category include papers, projects, studies, and other projects of a somewhat scientific nature.

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Works in this category include graphic designs, works of art, photography, and other visual, expressive media.

Roseate Skimmer        

Works in this category include gig photos; song compositions, performances, and recordings; and other related materials.

I like making things and working with technology and programming. Occasionally I undertake less-than-academic projects that I may put here.

I enjoy web design as an extension of my interests in computer programming and graphic design. 

This page is depreciated, leftover from an earlier implementation of this website, but is retained for archival purposes.