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A Brief Biography of Tylar Murray [as of 19 February 2010]
writing courtesy of Brandon Pena

Tylar Murray was born in Aurora, Colorado.  Soon after he moved to Nogalez, Arizona.  When he was six he moved to the small coastal city of Brunswick, Georgia.  This is where he would spend the majority of his childhood.  He spent his high school years in both Georgia and in Artesia, New Mexico.  Tylar has always been a nature lover and an academic.  In Arizona he was fascinated with archeology and geology.  Georgia spawned an interest in observing the subtropical flora and fauna.  As a high school student, Tylar sought a diverse experience: basketball, cross country, Latin club, psychology club, drama club, art club, church activities, and student council.  It was through these eclectic experiences that Tylar grew as a person, but it was when he took a drafting class and a materials engineering mini-term that he truly realized his interest in engineering and physics.

Upon graduation, Tylar moved to Abilene, TX to attend McMurry University because of its quaint atmosphere and friendly students.  At McMurry, Tylar received the Honors Full-Tuition Scholarship.  His freshman year, Tylar maintained his diverse interests and took qualms with picking any one major, but he eventually decided on Physics because of its exciting career potential.  With this degree, Tylar plans on going to graduate school to do research in biomedical engineering or space habitation science.

Though the majority of his time is spent studying, Tylar maintains a constantly growing variety of interests and hobbies. Some of Tylar’s current interests include music (primarily playing the guitar) and horticulture.  His hobbies include working as a Supreme Court Justice for McMurry Student Government, being a RA, and chairing a weekly musical gathering for the student body.