Tykerq's Ultimate Blogroll!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Tykerq's Ultimate Blogroll! If you don't have the requirements to be on my blogroll then you can be on my Ultimate Blogroll! All you have to do is follow these simple steps -
  1. Have "http://tykerq.wordpress.com" in your blogroll or put my banner in your sidebar .
  2. Just comment  your website address any where on our blog with request of adding to my Blogroll.
  3. Wait for around 1-3 days .
Thats it! You don't even need to have certain amount of hits! But plz do have patience with us! I will try to put your blog in the Blogroll as soon as possible :D
Note: All those who were on here before as blogroll only are on the ultimate blogroll now, if you wish to be on my original blogroll, then plz request again.