Tykerq Club Penguin Cheats Blog Widgets

Here are some of our widgets which you can place on your own blog! To get the widgets, just copy the HTML code, and place it in your text widget (Site Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Text)

Blog Widget 1

<a href="http://tykerq.wordpress.com/"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-3015" src="http://tykerq.wordpress.com/files/2009/07/blog-widget-3.jpg" alt="" width="261" height="137" /></a>

Plz don't try to edit the HTML Code or the widget might not work for you properly.

And remember! Once you put this widget up on your blog, don't forget to leave a comment on our blog about it! We really like to see our widget on your blog!

Copyright Policy: The widgets must redirect a person when he/she clicks on it to http://tykerq.wordpress.com. Widgets not meant to use for personal purposes. Copyright Tykerq Club Penguin Cheats 2008-2009.