about the list


a few notes:

    : how does the list work:

            : i have consulted my favorite users list on rateyourmusic.com. i respect all of these people's opinions, and as such, i have compiled their album ratings and then computed the weighted averages for each album with the minimum amount of votes to be eligible for the list (right now it is 7, and i suspect that will go up over subsequent updates)

            : this is a list that willl constantly be improved upon, in many ways that any viewer will notice as he or she checks back periodically (updates to the list will occur monthly; other changes will be made more frequently [i hope]). i have a number of features in mind that i do not wish to share at this time

            : most of the people whose opinions have been taken into account have a wide-ranging taste in music, including my own. together, their opinions opposeor support each other in a very unique way. therefore, only albums with the highest amount of credibility, in whatever regard, are included. that is why this list is a valuable resource for all music lovers 

    : why does this list exist: 

            : the point of the list (hereafter referred to as THE LIST, in an attempt to be more grandiose and perhaps official) is to grasp the intangible - that is, the best musical releases, including LPs, EPs and live albums, according to those whose opinions i respect, and to thereby provide a serious reference for those who are fortunate enough to have a similar musical worldview. the point of THE LIST is not to state what is and what is not a great album. THE LIST is for reference and comparison and discussion. if you disagree, fine. make your own list if you want. if you agree with a number of the selections, then perhaps you should check out some more music that is highly ranked herein.

    : how does one become involved with THE LIST:

            : some discretion is used, or else everyone would be involved with THE LIST. there's really no set standard. for example, it's not like if someone thinks A Love Supreme sucks and Hybrid Theory rules then I automatically discard their thoughts. it has more to do with one's overall philosophy regarding music than how they rate certain things or how their opinions coincide with mine.

    : how many people are involved:

            : 96 at the time of the last update, including myself 

    : how do you calculate the rankings:

            : i use a weighted average that takes into account: the average rating for each album, the number of votes for eacdh particular album, and the average on the whole for all albums. this formula is tweaked a bit each update, ensuring that it is accurate. this also causes the rankings to change with each update.