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Nov 9th 

We will be having our year end function with entertainment by Manuel Escorcio.  He arrived in South Africa as a seventeen year old from Mozambique with his parents. Manuel matriculated at the Helderberg High School in Somerset West, he obtained 6 academic qualifications at South African Universities and Universities in England.

An experienced singer of Classical and Popular songs, Manuel is known as the man with the golden voice. Manuel is blessed with a clear and lyrical voice. His singing talent was discovered in the shower at the High school Helderberg. Wilhelmina Dunbar was his first teacher of song. Prof. George van der Spuy at the Conservatory for Music at Stellenbosch University developed Manuel’s voice further for his chosen career as a vocal artist.

As Lead Tenor of KRUIK he performed in more than 32 Operas. He has held more than 5200 successful concerts all over South Africa as well as in different parts of the world. To date Manuel has recorded 52 different CD’s .

Manuel is a highly accomplished judge of choirs and song at art festivals all over the country and he presents Master Courses all over the world. He was appointed coach of the year when his student Burger le Roux won Patricia Lewis’ Supersterre 2010 competition.

Manuel has been appointed as one of the 10 legends of the Afrikaans music industry at Skouspel in Sun City 2009. Manuel is one of the founding directors of INNIBOS Laeveld Art Festival in Nelspruit.

Membership is open to anyone, but because U3A is structured for the benefit of retired and semi-retired persons, most courses and meetings take place during the day.  Membership fee is R50 per person, per year. You can obtain a membership form at any General Meeting, from this website.  Click here to download the form, click on it when it downloads and select Print.

General Meetings
General Meetings are held on a Thursday each month normally from February to November at the Bellville Civic Centre Voortrekker Road (shown on the  map below). Please use the side entrance closest to Kuils River, (shown by the red arrow in the picture below the map).  We charge an entrance fee of R10 for members wearing their badge and R20 without a badge, except for the year end function where it is R10 for members with a badge and R50 for non-members.  To save the extra fees don't forget your badge.

U3A - Bellville Civic Centre


When people arrive, they pay the entrance fee as they enter the large tea room. There they are entitled to free cups of tea or coffee and cookies (served between 09:15 and 10:15). They have an opportunity to socialize and meet with friends, old and new. U3A business such as paying of fees, joining courses, booking for outings etc. takes place during this time.

A video is shown before the main meeting from 10:00 to 10:28 in the adjoining auditorium.  Please refrain from making a noise in the auditorium.  Tygerberg U3A general business starts at 10:30 and is followed by a talk or a presentation is given by an invited speaker. We have been very privileged to have heard some truly outstanding speakers and we try to maintain as high a standard as possible. Members and visitors are requested to be seated in the auditorium before the end of the video. 

If you are wearing the current membership badge the fee is R10, if you are not wearing your badge the fee is R20


Only paid up members of U3A are entitled to attend courses. We currently offer our members about 40 courses. A free course list is available from the Course Coordinator, or click on the Course List menu button.  Courses are normally held during the day. A fee of R5 is usually levied per course (additional costs may apply in some cases). There are also courses that take place beyond Tygerberg's boundaries such as 'Birding', 'Wine Appreciation' and 'Outings' to various places of interest.  In the December-January holiday period, when many courses are in recess, we provide a Summer Programme of activities which is open to all (members as well as guests)

At every meeting a monthly Bulletin is handed out. This contains announcements about new courses or changes, outings, and administrative news. To obtain a copy of any of these publications click on the corresponding link menu button.  Contributions for the Newsletter and Bulletins should be emailed to the editor before the end of the month prior to publication.

History of U3As
U3A began in France in 1972, under the aegis of the University of Toulouse. In the French model, faculty members and working academics are course facilitators and lecturers. With its spread to the UK and the realization that Third Ager's had the skills to organize and teach their own autonomous learning groups, the nature of the organisation changed and this model has been enthusiastically adopted in more than 30 countries around the world. Today, U3A is a learning co-operative with objects and principles, inter alia, “to assail the dogma of intellectual decline with age”, “to provide from amongst the retired, the resources for the development and intensification of their intellectual, cultural and aesthetic lives”, “to create an institution where there is no distinction between the class of those who teach and those who learn ….” The word ‘university’ in the name of the institution is used in its original sense, meaning a corporation of persons devoted to a particular activity, not necessarily intellectual. Its course leaders therefore are experienced volunteers. While some may be retired academics, many are amateur enthusiasts!

U3A in South Africa
The first local example of the UK model was launched in Cape Town in February 2000 by Sylvia and Arthur Schrire. The response was overwhelming. Greater Cape Town currently has over 8000 members, and the current national membership of around 11,000 comprises 26 independent local U3As in Gauteng, Free State,  Kwazulu-Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape. Courses range from Afrikaans to Yoga, but a core curriculum has emerged. Most U3As have a language group, a creative writing group and others that represent an amazing breadth of experience and interest. There are science and technology studies, history and of course all the 'ologies’. Many social and cultural activities, such as bird watching and wine appreciation, are also on offer.

U3A Tygerberg Contact Persons

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Committee Secretary  Sarah O'Neill

Admissions Manager  Pat Melsens  0219750508  0823719558
Course Coordinator   KeithxandxGlynxvanxRensburg  0219751085  0828471221
Technical Manager  Freddie Kühhirt  0219490036  0829359610
Refreshment coordinator  Fran Stuart  0219196717  0837132890
Refreshment coordinator 2  Desiree Soldin    0832538437 
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