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Using pre-filled Fields for Quizzes, Surveys, Rubrics and More!
Think about the quizzes, surveys, and rubrics you want students to fill out.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the student identification items such as name, email address and ID number already entered so students don't have to go through the hassle of entering that information and YOU have CLEAN data! So, think about how you could keep a class roster is Google Sheets as a template and then make a copy each time you wanted to send out unique form URLs to your students.

Here's the process:

  1. Have a template with student information ready to go. The script is written in the following format, so that is the format I followed. The Message field will be your URL that you "doctor" with "&&" and then you will fill down to make it specific to each user.

  2. Create a Google form. I found it worked best to use the above format (because I don't know scripting so I found it easier to follow the example from Google Developers:
  3. From the Google form editor (where you create the form) select "Get pre-filled URL" from the Responses menu.

  4. Fill in the fields you want to be pre-populated with student information.

  5. Click Submit. A URL will appear at the top of the Form. Copy that to your clipboard.

  6. Paste into your Google Sheet in cell B2 (under the Message heading). It isn't pretty, but it is necessary.

  7. NOW, watch Alice Keeler's video that describes HOW to modify the URL to pre-fill each student's information into it. Thanks Alice. This is a great video

    YouTube Video

  8. It is now time to GET these individualized URLs to each student. the fun begins! Let's copy and then use a script!

  9. Watch this video to learn how to add and run the script. Note, the Google sheet is set up to use the improved code that is in Section 2.
    Thanks to Hugo Fierro for this script and for teaching us how to run it!

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