Welcome Message 2013

Greetings! My name is Amy Stengel and I have been an active member in the SAACTE for ten years. The best part of SAACTE is it is a service organization designed for English and Reading teachers by English and Reading teachers. We have hosted national speakers, state leaders in literacy, and taught one another.   

Each time we meet, I walk away with something new and helpful. Each time I attend, I am happy to converse with teachers from all over our city. I think collaborating on a city level brings a good perspective to our practice, develops our vision of the needs of our community, and prevents a teacher from feeling isolated and discouraged, particularly a new teacher. 

Shared and reflective practice is the best staff development. 

See you soon, 

Amy Stengel
Director of Creative Writing/NESA English
Teacher/Lee HS 

Twitter: @amyroleto