Tx Profile Manager is a Windows GUI for managing and viewing Spektrum DX18, DX10T, DX9 (alpha), DX8 and DX7s profiles. Tx Profile Manager also allows you to convert profiles between DX8 and DX7s, which is particularly handy for DX7s users who do not have the same amount of profiles available to them as DX8 users.

If you use this application, and its been handy, please let me know.  I do not intend on making this application shareware or paid, so your feedback & donations will keep the project going.

Latest Updates: 25/08/2013 ( - Not available in a full install (please copy to your existing application directory)
  1. Added ability to change/insert modelImage line to set DX18/9 image
  2. Added Filename and Date/Time to output and screen.
  3. Added Version Number of TX Profile Manager to output.

Update: 18/08/2013 (
  1. New setup program is available on the downloads page
  2. It should read a DX9 file - when released - additional changes may be required to support DX9.
  3. Application now reads the location from the swpos files to place the switch text boxes on the image.
TX profile manager also:
    • Servos: Shows servo information: Source, Direction, Travel, Speed, Curve etc.
    • Gyro/Gov/Trim : 
      • Trim information
      • pre-flight checklist, 
      • Helicopter specific functions - Gyro etc
    • Curves:
      • Profile Name, Transmitter type, model type (wing types etc)
      • The flight mode names (if available)
      • Shows pitch, throttle  curves (inc. Expo)
      • DR/Expo information
    • Mixes: Displays Mix(model type specific & programmable) information (limited to 9 for the moment)
    • Timer/Telemetry/Alerts: Timer information, telemetry etc.
    • Switch Assignments:
      • List or image of what is mapped to where
    • Additional Functions:
      • A Program Mix Move/remap function (this is experimental) - accessed from the file menu

A Note around the Authors:  Please note that as of the 3rd of May 2013, Justin Waite has handed over the reins.  I would like to thank Justin Waite for his efforts in getting the application released and out there.  
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